CaliRoots - The Carolina Sessions!

Have you ever felt the sudden urge to grow dreadlocks, slap on your haze-face and rhythmically head-bob to a suburban reinterpretation of Jamaican soul music? Of course you have, it's human nature. Well. Later this month, we'll be embracing it and you should too. 

On October 26th, we'll be taking the boxtruck down to Battleship Park for CaliRoots - The Carolina Sessions for 12 reggae acts and good squishy vibes all day!  You can get tickets locally at Gravity Records, Altheas Attic, and Momentum Surf and Skate! Bonus points: there is a specialty CaliRoots Carolina Freaker that is so fly it might knock those knots right off your silly little head! YAH, MON! 

Obligatory Parking Paragraph: All onsite parking is almost sold it, which is a great excuse to care about the environment! Car pool! Hitchhike! Ride the shuttle! I don't care how you wing it, but if you drive to the venue without a parking pass, please know that the traffic enforcers will not be filled with the same spirit of peace and love that you will undoubtedly be overcome with. They will turn your ass around or throw you into the river without a slice of shame. You have been warned, young grasshopper. Go here for parking options! 

On a happier note, here's a present to get you in the mood: 

And they all lived happily ever after.