Freaker Friday: Toast!

Tis' the season for sing-a-longs and frivolous parties. For Meatloaf and time warps. Tis the season for strange journeys with sweet transvestites from transexual Translyvania. It's Rocky Horror Picture Show appreciation month. So damnit, Janet, touch-a touch-a touch me and let's celebrate.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING THIS WEEK: We have 5 care packages featuring wooden iPhone covers from the lovely team at Toast! Made in Portland, Toast exclusively uses renewable energy and donates a percentage of their sales to environmental non-profits so we aren't all forced to live on Tim Curry Planet. We have 3 covers for the iPhone 5 and 2 for iPhone 4! Each winner also gets a Lucille III Freaker! (Total Retail Value: $45)

HOW TO ENTER: If you've ever been to a Rocky Horror screening, you know when, how, and why to throw toast at the screen. Rocky Horror fans have special traditions. We want to know what yours are. (For example, every time our CEO watches Seinfeld, he puts on a pirate shirt and bellows HELLLLLOOOOOWWWWW.) Get on Twitter and let us know what your tv tradition is with the hashtag #FreakerToast for your chance to win!