Freaker Friday: We Are All Smith!

There is a jewelry and clothing brand based out of California called We Are All Smith. We've spent many sleepless nights pondering the eternal question - WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Is it a sly jab at the elusive Jane Does and John Smiths of the world? Are the creators obsessive Morrissey fans? Are they planning some neo-bolshevik arts and crafts revolution? Our mind was finally put at ease by good guy Google.

"Our name comes from the dictionary definition of the word "Smith" n.- is defined by one who makes or effects anything: like a metalsmith, locksmith, a wordsmith, etc. In today's world, we are all "Smiths" of our own destiny. We can forge our future into any shape we choose. This idea flows through our design philosophy of past, present and future reflected in all the items we carry."

Well isn't that charming. Let's celebrate their pleasantries by giving all their stuff away! HOORAY!

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING THIS WEEK: We have 10 care packages this week featuring necklaces from We Are All Smith! Each winner will also get a Dirty Carl Freaker!! (total retail value: $50)

HOW TO ENTER: What kind of smith are you?! Get on instagram and show us what you like to create with the hashtag #FreakerSmith for your chance to win one of ten care packages!!! Winners announced in the Tuesday newsletter!