Dude, Where's My Par?

On Monday we teamed up with Planet Logo and Cucalorus film festival to play golf. Like adults. 

But it doesn't count as "growing up" if it's for charity. Here's why: 

Charities empathize with your need to play leap-frog during the putt-putt portion of a golf tournament.  They just GET you, man.

Charitable events don't mind if you break the dress-code etiquette. As long as you have solidarity with the cause, you can cross-dress to your hearts desire!  ...For the kids! 

Choose your charities carefully. A charity for seniles may have significantly less jungle-gyms than a charity for kids. Always remember - not all charities were created equal. 

Charities encourage self expression.  Have you ever seen an interpretive dance at a NON-charity golf tournament? Doubt it. If you've ever been to a 1st Annual Community Boys & Girls Club of Wilmington Golf Tournament, you'll know what kind of smooth breakdancing-tango fusion moves we were NOT kicked out for! 

Thanks Charity!