Freaker Friday: Comic Relief Originals

It’s almost Halloween. While there’s always year-to-year trends (we’re betting on 19 Miley Cyrus costumes this time.) the classics always seem to shine through. We’re not talking about “sexy cop” classic. We’re looking at super-hero classic. The half-done capes, the smeared masks, the inflated confidence of personal strength - we love it all. There is however one factor that is seemingly underdone - the villain. There would be no superheros without super villains, so let’s have a bad-guy appreciate day. For all the baby-napping pyromaniacs in underground secret-lairs ...this one’s for you.

WHAT YOU’RE WINNING THIS WEEK: We have 5 amazing prints from hometown superhero Andrea Fluty with her project Comic Relief Originals. Andrea spends approximately 3 billion hours cutting up old comic books and assembling them onto canvas. Each superhero print is made from that specific comic, from a certain time frame, and exclusively from a single artist! We have 5 different superhero prints to give away and each care package also comes with a Tiny Dancer Freaker!! (Total Retail Value: $45)

HOW TO ENTER: Who are you battling in your quest to save the world? Find this graphic on Facebook and leave a picture comment showing us what your super villain looks like!

Our super villain is presumably neoprene cozies and bottle sweat. Or Gandalf, the White Colorful Wizard.