Quickbooks Uprising

Earlier today, our Quickbooks ceased to work. On any other day, this would have been a problem officially known as "not mine," but today is payday. Suddenly an accounting problem was everyone's problem.

We started to become seriously concerned about an employee uprising. I don't mean the fun kind of uprising with brass bands & weird hairdos. I mean like 18th century agrarian business uprising.

Meet Matthew. He's our HR department. He is an abnormally happy person. He is currently wielding an axe.

Meet Molly. She deals with stores really well. You know what she doesn't deal with well? Unpaid pay day.

Meet Dallas. He's 6"8 so we REALLY need him not to do the whole #QuickbooksUprising thing.

Meet Lauren. Normally, she's quite flowery, but something snapped & she is now training puppies to be ruthless soldiers in the Quickbooks Uprising.

Meet Justin. He's an artist, so he's use to not getting paid. But he DID like the sound of "uprising." Ugh. Artists.

Meet Alisha. She's in accounting. So. She's kind of like a malnourished army trying to deflect the Quickbooks Uprising.

Meet Zach. He's our CEO. Actually... He doesn't seem to really care what happens with the Quickbooks Uprising.


UPDATE: The folks at Right Networks saw the violence of our Twitter #QuickbooksUprising and gave us a call. Their customer service department is incredibly nice and everything is once again in it's right place. HUZZAH! The uprising has been quelled! LONG LIVE THE QUICKBOOKS!