Freaker Friday: Balm Chicky!

Halloween has been happening for a full week now, with no end in sight. Nobody is quite sure why or how that happened, but very few are upset about it. Sexy dinosaurs? Into it. Sexy Legos? Sure, why not. Sexy pizza? Doesn’t count - pizza is always sexy. The week long parade of peculiar skimpys has left us confused, ashamed and ecstatic all at once. We want you to share that pain.

WHAT YOU’RE WINNING THIS WEEK: We have 7 care packages to give away this week featuring the sauciness of Balm Chicky Balm Balm. With a unique “Friend End,” you’ll never have to worry about sharing cooties again! Each winner will get all 5 flavors (aptly named Flavor Orgy) and a Hooters Freaker! (total retail value: $60)

HOW TO ENTER: Get on Twitter and share your oddest “sexy costume” sighting of the week with the hashtag #ChickyFreaked! Whether it be the Sexy baby (we spotted one. it was weird.), sexy file cabinet or sexy hotdog - we want to know about it and share your shame.