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Trade show season begins!

Trade show season is upon us! Usually, there is dancing and sometimes even gymnastics at our booth. Don’t be afraid to shake our hand though, because one thing we don’t do is give out moist handshakes.

Americas Mart in Atlanta is our first stop. Follow the Freaker scent to tranquility.

 Just Got To Have It Showroom                                                                 

Building 2, Floor 17-Jan 8th-15th


Booth 2501, building 3, floor 5-Jan 9th-12th

We go up and down the crowded elevators, tell jokes to bring your stores our magical knit goodies. Everyone knows that Dan is our Freaky salesman slingin’ Freakers until the sun comes up. He finds it a necessary part of the trade show experience to serenade the crowds with his magnificent flute playing.

January 08, 2019 by Freaker USA

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