Freaker Friday: Bernard Goods!

There are specific moments in life that make you feel uncharacteristically badass. Shredding Smooth-by-Carlos-Santana-featuring-Rob-Thomas-Of-Matchbox-Twenty on air guitar. Finally finding a place to wear your secret assless leather chaps. Throwing your shoe across the room & killing the cockroach on the first try. The parking lot after a Fast & Furious premiere. ...Then the Paul Walker song comes on, you find yourself crying in the passenger seat, and the moment is over.

Today we bring you an opportunity for one of those moments: an object of renegade confidence. Game on, cowboy.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: We have 5 care packages this week featuring the baddest of all asses, Bernard Goods. Mixing functionality with an A+ aesthetic, the 64 oz K.O. growler has a chalkboard finish, and taking beer-notes has never been more inspired.

Based in DC, the guys behind Bernard Goods manufacture their products 100% domestically.

In addition to growlers, Bernard Goods will soon be launching a Kickstarter for their new flasks! Sign up to get the Kickstarter price here!

Each winner will get a KO Growler from Bernard Goods, a Grand Theft Otter Freaker & Freaker Feet to match!

HOW TO ENTER: Get on Facebook, find this graphic, and leave us a comment with something that makes you feel uncharacteristically badass.

Winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter!