Freaker Friday: Wild Wander!

Wanderlust is a magical thing. Wanderlust took Dennis Rodman to BFF-ville, North Korea. Sean Penn found El Chapo via wanderlust. Lance Bass's wanderlust almost took him to the moon. (RIP to Lance's broken dreams.) 

We're here to encourage your child-like wanderlust with reckless abandon... with a little help from our friends: 

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: We have 5 care packages this week featuring the natural history all-stars, The Wild Wander! A husband-and-wife team of naturalists, illustrators, doers, makers, dreamers based out of Richmond, Virginia. 

"Following in the footsteps of early American naturalists, [Wild Wander is] inspired by dusty libraries, cluttered studies full of artifacts, and an abiding curiosity for forgotten history and the natural world." Screenprinted by hand, using environmentally-friendly water based inks and paper sourced from US mills, Wild Wander is producing enchanting products the right way. 

"We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still." - Carl Sagan

Each winner will get a Carl Sagan star-chart print, an Orbit Please Freaker, and a pair of Freaker Feet to match! 

HOW TO ENTER: Get on Instagram and share what your wanderlust has shown you. Use the hashtag #FreakerWander for your chance to win! 

Winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter!