Thank you Veterans!

Veterans Day is a time to honor all who have served our country.  Why not honor our very own Freaker in-house Veteran Carlos!!! He is the responsible for the eye catching graphics and visual goodness here at Freaker USA!  I turned my desk around and caught up with Carlos today as he was photographing the most savory slice of pizza. The pepperoni was making my mouth water, so when I asked him the following questions, I often had to repeat myself so that he could understand me.

How long have you been working at Freaker USA? I have been a resident of Freakerville for almost four years now.

What does it mean to work for a company that supports American made products?
It’s always nice to see a company make a local impact and working with fellow North Carolinian companies always just seems more friendly.

What's the best thing about working for Freaker USA? Unlimited, moisture-free high fives.

Tell us about your service to the nation… When, Where, Why? After my dreams of being a professional Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle were dashed (couldn’t get that damned black belt) I decided it was easier to join the Army than to go to college.  I was wrong. No regrets but remember kids: stay in school.

How does your experience still impact your life today? Life tends to have “volume turned down”.  Things that would usually annoy or stress me out before tend to be overshadowed by memories of my most challenging experiences as well as those I came to know and love who weren’t as fortunate as I to return home.

What do you think is the most important thing for people to reflect on this Veterans Day? Be thankful for what you have, and be kind to each other.

Thank you Carlos & all of the brave men and women who have served our country and continue to do so! Check out our sale on all of our patriotic Freakers & Freaker Feet now through Monday.