Wilco Warriors!

 Tuesday night, Wilco's new album, The Whole Love, was officially released and they rocketed off into space (AKA Raleigh) with the first show of their tour! Our long lost (but soon to be returned) Oliver Mellan, our dearest of dears Justin Mitchener and the wonderwoman herself, Leigh Voli were able to wallow in the glory. Our Wilco Freakers also made their formal debut, and let me tell you - they felt like the prettiest girl at the party. 

Wilco will be on tour until December, and when they start inching towards you, it's highly recommended not to miss it. 
Also! Wilmington! This Saturday at Edge of Urge there will be a listening party with Gravity Records and Freaker USA and lots of goodies! OH! The wonders! 

All photos by Justin Mitchener, except for the photo of Justin Mitchener. Presumably.