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Cupcake Communion!

Yesterday one of the lady members of the Freakerteam had a surprise birthday party! Oysters (edible!) and puppies (not edible!) and fireworks (not edible!) and ....GIANT CUPCAKES (superbly edible!) were abound! 

It was such a fantastic birthday that we decided to make new Sunday rituals that everyone can enjoy!

Starting from least important to most necessary, here is a new cardboard cutout for what Sunday's now have in store:

4.  Find scraps. Make shapes. Spread joy. Rinse & Repeat. 

3. Freak your dog. (Not limited to Sundays!) 

2. Find somebody you love that has a birthday on Sundays. If nobody you love has a Sunday birthday, make a new friend on Saturday. Celebrate their birth in exactly 24 hours. 

1. Find a giant freakin cupcake and ritualistically have what is now known technically as "Cupcake Communion."

It is not only a bonding, but also a very delicious experience.

The new End-Of-Week Protocols are obviously very formal and diplomatically required. ONWARDS! TO SUNDAY! 

Nom nom nom nom 

(Photos by Alisha Payne, Courtney Bridgers and Justin Mitchener!) 

January 09, 2012 by Freaker USA

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