Cupcake Communion!

Yesterday one of the lady members of the Freakerteam had a surprise birthday party! Oysters (edible!) and puppies (not edible!) and fireworks (not edible!) and ....GIANT CUPCAKES (superbly edible!) were abound! 

It was such a fantastic birthday that we decided to make new Sunday rituals that everyone can enjoy!

Starting from least important to most necessary, here is a new cardboard cutout for what Sunday's now have in store:

4.  Find scraps. Make shapes. Spread joy. Rinse & Repeat. 

3. Freak your dog. (Not limited to Sundays!) 

2. Find somebody you love that has a birthday on Sundays. If nobody you love has a Sunday birthday, make a new friend on Saturday. Celebrate their birth in exactly 24 hours. 

1. Find a giant freakin cupcake and ritualistically have what is now known technically as "Cupcake Communion."

It is not only a bonding, but also a very delicious experience.

The new End-Of-Week Protocols are obviously very formal and diplomatically required. ONWARDS! TO SUNDAY! 

Nom nom nom nom 

(Photos by Alisha Payne, Courtney Bridgers and Justin Mitchener!)