Dispatch from SXSW: Grilled Cheese Jammin Fiesta! Today!

Hey Austin! Remember when we galloped in the fields together and snuggled over grilled cheese sandwiches? That sure was magical. I wish we could break the gooey-bread with you again... maybe today. 

These are lofty dreams for us, but our dear Bake-Sale-Assistant Leigh Voli is currently in your glory hole at none other than the House of Creatives SXSW! And what are they going to get you involved in? 


All the deetz that are fun to know but you're going anyway, so we'll just throw these in for tradition:

Allah-las is jamming @ 3:00
Capsula performs @7:00
Freaker Grilled Cheese/ coozie burning party @9:00
Pool Party!!!

The amazing Anthony Flores is here to represent Super Sunglasses and Urban Ears (tweet@ tweetenglish) 
Mattie Krall is the house photographer for tonight
Russ Roe will be shooting people with video allllwayz

And of course, the lovely Seasick Mama will be prancing around in all of her glory

This is where you'll be: 

And this is what happened last time Freakers + Super Sunglasses + House of Creatives teamed up:

So gather up your partyboots & emptybellies and come get freaked by the stars!

For locational specifics:  rsvp@thehouseofcreatives.com