Multicultural Linguistics

We here at Freaker USA pride ourselves in our eagerness to engage in a wide variety of cultural interests. As previously expressed with trips to South of the Border and celebrations of women's rights, our levels of cultural tact and sensitivity are "off da hook." 

That is why when playing the popular social media game, Words With Friends, we were shocked that not all start-ups have the same multicultural values. 

It seems as if the creators of Words With Friends has never been "In Da Club" gyrating to "The Hip-Hop," and we are sorely disappointed in the lack of progressive standards.


It has just come to our attention that "shotey" is actually spelled "shawty" in some internet communities. (Thanks for the tip, Matthew!) We are officially going to continue to "not care" and blame cultural insensitivities for why we didn't get 20 points for our Words With Friends brilliance.