David's Multiple Personality Sing-A-Long

 It's been at least a week since we've celebrated the fake mental disorders of our friends and family. We're here today to change that. 

We've already looked at the fruits of multiple-personality-syndrome in Oliver, Zach, Adrienne and Lauren....but what about that musical stud that sometimes goes by the name of Golden? That's right, folks. It has been confirmed: David Adusei is also completely nuts. 

David's first alter-ego is named Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins!!! He enjoys fruit juice, beanbag chairs, and slaying orcs. His claim to fame is that he sold a Mario Kart character on Ebay for $36 once. Leeroy has a cat named Atari, a gerbil named DonkeyKong and an imaginary friend that goes by the name "Girlfriend." Damnit, Leeroy, You always do this. His favorite Freaker is Ate-Bit

This pleasant young fellow goes by the name of Chris Rock (no, not to be confused with Kid Rock.) He reads the Sunday funny pages, tells the same knock-knock joke each time he sees a small child, and dances awkwardly to elevator music. His claim to fame stems from that one time a Saturday Morning Cartoon used his general demeanor to create a character in a learning program for 3 year olds. Chris Rock is probably your uncle. His favorite Freaker is Chuck