Adrienne's OTHER Alter-Egos

Did you guys hear about that guy who tight roped across the Niagra Falls from US into Canada last week? 

"Mr Wallenda is the seventh generation of the famed Flying Wallendas." ...So what you're telling me is that this man not only spent $1.3 million to legally stroll into Canada, but his family has been doing the same thing for 200 years?

This dude is nuts. You know who is equally nuts? Adrienne.

We've met some of her alter-egos in the past, but through a series of fortunate events, it turns out that there are more Adriennes than we ever knew possible:

This is Sally Dances-With-Hooves Johnson.  She is 1/86th Cherokee by blood and she has taken this fact by the buffalo-horns, making her new path one of rediscovering her spiritual roots. Sally first started this journey by making a Thanksgiving costume out of paper bags and chanting her favorite Lil' Wayne song in hopes that it would "make it rain." She is currently trying to save up enough babysitting money for a pilgrimage to her "motherland" and will be wildly disappointed when she finds out that Pocahontas has been dead for 400 years. Her favorite Freaker is Chief Freaks-A-Lot

This is Leeloo. She is from the future, but jokes on you because "the future" is actually in 1995. She is responsible for those pesky AOL disks that you keep getting in your non-email box. Her favorite movie is Hackers, her favorite past-time is "virtual reality" hubs, and her favorite music now-deceased blue-alien opera-singer named Diva Plavalaguna. Her favorite Freaker, presumably, is The Future.