Behind the White Curtain

The official shoot for our new line has been mission accomplished! 

Unfortunately there were some technical difficulties in the manufacturing realm, which has pushed back our release date for the new knit babies to early March. Eeeee!! In the meantime, here are some behind the scenes sneakpeeks of our new freaker face family!

Can you guess what their new favorite Freakers are going to be?

So much pinning and primping and beading and braiding for this little bird! What kind of Freaker could she possibly be?! Is she representing your newest ex-wife? A future prom date? Maybe a blossoming tulip in the light breeze?!

Miss Adrienne makes an illustrious return!!! Before you jump to any pleasant conclusions, let's all take a moment to remember the last time this beauty got freaked. Mental capacities were threatened and basic identities were made fragile

David Adusei is also back. Though, he is no longer with his imaginary friend named "girlfriend". Since the breakup, he has had more time to increase his ever growing roster of personalities. What could this latest one be, and what did he win already?

Who the hell is this guy and what could he possibly be doing? We will give you a hint: It has nothing to do with jump rope, ice cubes, politics, or any of the Rambo movies.

This has nothing to do with new Freakers. We just wanted to let it be known that, for just a few moments, Justin lost control of his army of machines that keep the office running like clockwork. 

The uprising was quickly quelled; this time...