Freaker Friday: Hodgepodge of Goodies!

What's your pizza cat?

Since the official launch of our internet-only Lulz Line earlier this week, we've been mildly (extremely) infatuated by the existence of Pizza Cat, a rare and indigenous creature of the internet. For this Freaker Friday, we're asking what your current internet obsession is! Do you have a .gif of hamsters on a piano you can't sleep without? Photos of Nicholas Cage on the moon?! (It's amazing, I know.) What's YOUR Pizza Cat?!

What You're Winning: We have a variety of 5 care packages for your this week, and all include a PizzaCat Freaker!! Let the week of the internet victories end on this good note:

1. A SLOTHZILLA iPhone case from the funny bunnies over at SharpShirter. A sloth. As Godzilla. This is golden. (Total retail value: $40)
2. Custom iPad case by Caseable with Zach & Pete freaking your tablet!
3. A knit Mailchimp monkey hat & signature-Mailchimp-shirt-that-Zach-Crain-wears-everyday-of-his-life (don't worry, this one is new. Size L.)
4. An original cut-up sweater that Zach sewed into a "beer coozie" before developing the Freaker! Watch The Birth Of A Freaker for full understanding of how special this is! D'aw...
5. A blue & an orange Cuppow for wide mouths! Yes! They come in colors! And they can be yours!

How to Enter: Share with us on our Facebook wall what you're currently infatuated with on the internet for a chance to win one of the care packages! Meme funnel 2013!!! Winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter!