Office Space 2.0

A couple months ago, we were invited to give a lecture at UNCW's Business Week.  Hiding amongst the philosophical inquiries such as "Does your art director, Justin Mitchener, dream in Comic Sans? Also, is he single? How can I fax him?," there was a common question that we were not exactly prepared for.  A sprite spring-chicken of a student raised his hand and asked us "Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How do you plan to measure your success?"

WELP. The long answer was a bit fuzzy, something something no-expectations something something take-it-as-it-comes something bla bla bla. The short answer was "Hopefully, within 5 years, we'll be able to move into a new office." 

Fast Forward 3 Months: we signed a new lease for a new building last week! 

What This Means, Practically: The days where we harrass the internet with photos of our obnoxiously colored walls and crumbling ceilings are almost over. We will now be harassing the internet with exposed brick and fake bathrooms. 

What This Means, Academically: Whoever recognizes what film set our new space was used for gets extra-credit bonus-points!!!

What This Means, Grand-Scheme-ily: OH DANG! Dreams come true, guys! Good dreams! I mean, some nightmares probably come true also, but I'm not here to talk about dark corners or steep cliffs. I'm here to smile and hope that you smile too!