Freaker Tour 2013!

Remember that time we turned a boxtruck into a neon-dream house and travelled around the country for three months throwing everyone grilled cheese parties in celebration of EVERYTHING? Those were the days. There is, however, one minor detail that's been bugging us: we're not too keen on living in the past. Let's edit "those were the days" to read "these are the days."

That's right, little chickies. We're on the road again! The boxtruck revolution is in full force! The FreakerBtruck has been fully renovated with a new grilled cheese stage, earhugs speaker system, complete with a DJ party deck on the roof! Freaker Tour 2013 is coming to an America near you! 

The first sandwich to hit the grill can be found today in Auburn, Alabama at The Villager! Swing by to get fed, funned, and freaked!!!

Stay tuned, stay tooned! Lovin on you, world!