2 Mules for Sister Girlfriend

We like to consider the Freaker BoxTruck a masterpiece in itself. As of today, a new masterpiece has been added to the grand masterpiece, making the overall masterpiece a Super Masterpiece. Here we have Pete Eastwood and Sister Girlfriend paving the road of glory for boxtruck art-ings to come.  If you're ever in need of a weirdo custom pet portrait, email Vangogogirlfriend@gmail.com for a good time! GO TEAM!  

Stock stuff

PSSSH! Hey! You! Foghorn & Sherlock Homie are back in stock just in time to be stocking stuffed! #StockMarket


#BeyonceTheDog finally kicked off her inevitable modeling career this afternoon for the newest Freaker release, Shark Tube. Here are some fun facts about your new favorite supermodel:  1.) #BeyonceTheDog is Mister Pete's daughter.2.) #BeyonceTheDog recently won the "Cutest Dog In Wilmington" award, and was featured on the cover of Encore Magazine!3.) #BeyonceTheDog's hairdo is more ridiculous than a shark in a tube. 


Throw Back Thursday is an incredibly good excuse to live in the past. To remember the past. To learn from the past. Today, we're re-visiting something that we've always known... That it is NEVER a bad idea to own matching windbreaker onesies with small wonky critters. And we have weekly hashtag trends to thank for that. 


Just look at that face. LOOK AT IT!  The rest of your day will automatically be phenomenal because of this face. You're welcome. 

Spoils of Donut Victory!!

  The day is today, the time is now.  Pete has officially decided what he enjoys to yell at the most. The DONUT-Do-That Giveaway contest draws to a close, and we must knight the victors with care packages.  We wanted to mail all of the winners a box of pastries, but we didn't want the post office to mistake our powdered sugar for anthrax.  We know for a fact that Freakers don't qualify us for any kind of security watchlist, so we'll stick to that. For now.  The winn...

Mr. Pete Appreciation Day

  Last week, we celebrated one of the most anticipated holidays of Freaker-ville! Mr. Pete appreciation day has, once again, come and past successfully!

Man in a Lag. Dog in a Bag.

  Home sweet home. You can tell that this is a reunion moment because Pete the Dog actually looks like he's a real dog. ...as opposed to this.

Pete Gets Weird For the Germans

He gets it from his papa.