Adventures in the Unknown

The day began like any day should: with a trip to the dollar store for floaties & metallic lick-on tattoos. Head banging was involved, because after all... this is America. #FreeToFloat2012

Out-Of-Towner Initiation Rituals.

Lauren has an old friend in town. Unfortunately for him, he's been bringing us homemade lunch everyday (including but not limited to: JALAPENO APPLE-PIE. Yes, you heard right) and to show our thanks we tackle him with love. And "love tackles" often include inappropriate polaroids.   You heard right, folks. If you ever want a gaggle of women to touch their own breasts on camera.... Jalapeno Apple Pie. 

Hey, Ladiez.

In our series of awkward Polaroids, we bring to you our proudest Merry Christmas wish of all time.  Whatchu doin? Oh nothin chillen at the Happy Holidaze Inn.    For each Holiday pack you get (10 + up), we include personalized polaroids, infatuated love notes, and hand-screenprinted boxes. We thought about including strands of Zach's beard hairs, but decided against it, lest the post office starts getting suspicious. 


As we've been not-so-covertly interlacing our daily activities with Polaroid pictures, we wanted to show you some that will NOT be going in your Christmas packages. And by "some," we really just mean that one of Zach's underwear drying outside of our office headquarters. Unless you specially request it. And then we will send you all documentation of how Zach both washes and dries his underwear. Your wish? On it.    

Shake It Like Your Polaroid Photo Seduction.

As mentioned earlier, we will be sending unique Polaroid pictures of the Freakerteam in with each one of our holiday packages.  Here is another sampling of the special sauce that was just shipped off in a love package to Studiomates & SwissMiss. Zach's not wearing pants. Lauren is assaulting a musical instrument that, under no circumstance, she knows how to play. Come get yours!