Make America Freak Again

Freaker Feet have made their way to the RNC delegate floor! Special thanks to Wayne Bena for Making America Freak Again!

Please, step into our office.

Time Warner Cable's "Made in the Carolinas" segment did a feature on yours truly. Take a peek into the world of Freakerville here!!

American Ninja Warrior!

Could it be?!? American Ninja Warrior in our Babe Lincoln Freaker Feet!It's a proud day in Freakerville.

USA Today!

GAH! Big thanks to USA Today for giving us a new claim to fame. Our Luke Kuechly socks beat 2Chainz' "Dabbin Santa" Sweater for the #1 spot on "what you should wear if you're pretending to be a Panther's Fan." Everybody can go home early today. (Except for you, 2Chainz. Back to work, buster.)

Shark Tank - Tonight!

Our episode of Shark Tank is airing tonight on CNBC at 8pm EST!! Tune in for a good time, chickies. Also - Here's a wonkydonk interview we did with CNBC! Notable highlights: Q:Were there any scenes filmed that didn't make it on to the show? A: They cut out the part where the sharks started crying.

Next Glass Interview!

Our friends at Next Glass, another Wilmington-based company revolutionizing the way you drink things, recently did an interview with our co-founder Lauren about jerk bosses, Danzig, and some mysterious projects that we have in the works.  They had this bit which has made us blush uncontrollably for three days now: "Freaker is a fist in the air when the band is bombing. It’s the high five followed by a low 10, no questions asked. It’s a reminder to live your life in color, no matter what. Yo...

Subliminal Freakage

Notice anything familiar creepin' on Chris Rock and Rosario Dawson?!  That's our little she-creep of a co-founder, Lauren, dressed like a manic housewife and advertising a Freaker that's been dead for two years! Anybody remember Kuptakes? We do! We also remember giving this particular photo to a film-friend because she looks especially special. Let's have a closer look: There's the money shot! (Thanks, Chad Keith! You're the Chad to our Keith!)

US Weekly!

Holy guacamole! Pop Culture is freaking everything this week!  This was found in the July 14th issue of Us Weekly Magazine. Big thanks to whoever is responsible for this little piece of infiltration! If you ever decide to reveal yourself, we owe you a beer! Aye yaye aiye!    

Good Morning 'Murca!

As some of you have probably realized by now, Freakers were featured on Good Morning America earlier today! A nice lady said some nice things on a nice little tv show. What this means for you: RIGHT NOW there are 10 styles on sale at 50% off. Right now. It technically ends tomorrow at  noon, but let's be honest: your memory is shot, and you'll forget about this in an hour. So get it while the getting is good. LOVIN ON YOU! 

Look Mom!

Look look look over here over here look Mom look! There was a fancypants surprise for us in the New York Post recently. We'd like to take this moment and thank Bloomingdales and Mister Pete. Maybe throw Nelly into the mix. Thank you Nelly. For all that you've done. 

Live on QVC tomorrow!

Oof! This just in! Freakers are going to beep and boop live tomorrow morning on QVC! Stay up all night and tune in at 6 am to get silly freaked! (They said our segment will go on between 6 and 7 am! SO MYSTERIOUS!) The first person to call in and ask Zach to take off his pants on national television gets a care package OF GLORY. That's all, folks. See you on the other side!

Business Class!

Freaker USA is nominated for the 2013 "Coastal Entrepreneur Award" after somehow "winning" the retail subsection award. There has been a general lack of concern in this office for what a "Coastal Entrepreneur Award" actually means, but as of recently, we've been getting some clues. Our updated "Award Hypothesis" is as follows: "Award" is when somebody puts your picture in a paper! For example, I want to reward you for being awesome. Because we don't actually own a newspaper, just ima...