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Make America Freak Again

Freaker Feet have made their way to the RNC delegate floor! Special...

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Please, step into our office.

Time Warner Cable's "Made in the Carolinas" segment did a feature on...

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American Ninja Warrior!

Could it be?!? American Ninja Warrior in our Babe Lincoln Freaker...

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USA Today!

GAH! Big thanks to USA Today for giving us a new...

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Shark Tank - Tonight!

Our episode of Shark Tank is airing tonight on CNBC at 8pm...

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Next Glass Interview!

Our friends at Next Glass, another...

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Subliminal Freakage

Notice anything familiar creepin' on Chris Rock and Rosario Dawson?!  Read More

US Weekly!

Holy guacamole! Pop Culture is freaking everything this week!  Read More

Good Morning 'Murca!

As some of you have probably realized by now, Freakers...

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Look Mom!

Look look look over here over here look Mom look! Read More

Live on QVC tomorrow!

Oof! This just in! Freakers are going to beep and boop...

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Business Class!

Freaker USA is nominated for the 2013 "Coastal Entrepreneur...

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Preview of the GiggleFactory!

  TV Guide has released a video compilation that has a preview...

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Snark Shank

Following the...

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Zach on ABC's Shark Tank!

Freaker USA's Zach Crain is in ABC's Shark Tank Read More

Published Pub BLISS!

Look, Ma! We're in a REAL BOOK!  The author, Read More


This morning we found a Mutineer Magazine in our mailbox. MORNING MAGBOX! How thoughtfully...

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Sirens in Space!

The good-knight saint-patron of freak-magnificence, Oliver-Mellan, is currently doing a project for Indy...

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Graduating to the Adult Table.

There is a really fantastic Kickstarter campaign currently crowdfunding for a feature-length documentary ...about crowdfunding....

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Zoo Animals

This morning we woke up to the published article on Zach in The Music...

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Universal Resource Locators... In Real Life!  The internet is a no-man's land? Hardly. There are...

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Freak the AirWaves!

Today the Freakerteam is feeling a little bit gritty. We're thrashing around the office screaming...

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 Hey Wilmington! Tune into our local NPR tomorrow morning and/or afternoon! The Freakerteam prances around...

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NBC To be Subtly Freaked!

This morning we got a magnificent email! Here's a little snippet: "On...

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Mom! We made the news!

Last Friday, WECT local news covered the Freaker non-Freaker debacle!  Read More

Smurban Smoutfitters

Last week when we found the non-Freaker Freaker on Urban Outfitter's website, we were a...

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The local news gets Freaked! Tonight!

Breaking News: At approximately 11:23 am today, on November 25th, 2011, Read More


A couple months ago, we met a wonderful Israeli man named Ido in San...

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Eric White, Warrior of Magnificence

Over the past couple of months, we have had the honor of meeting, greeting and...

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Billboard of Freaks!

Bill Mooney from Kung Fu Nation brought a nice little tidbit to our morning...

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Threadless Gets Subliminally Freaked

Our time in Chicago consisted of professional absurdities! Among those who officially got their...

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RussianFreakCakes: Lost in Translation

Today we found this little tidbit on the worldwidefreakweb! Design Zoom, we want to...

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We were recently featured in The Fayetteville Feed! As always, we made sweet interview love Read More

Norwegian Good

We're not sure what they're saying but we do know that they're freaking. And...

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Breaking News: Local Gov't Gets Freaky.

Last night,  Wilmington's City Council Debate got super freaky.  Freaky enough that the Read More

Time-Travelin Freak-Masterin Vegas-Machine

When in Vegas, do as the Romans do. To clear any confusion, here is a...

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Favorite Freaker Article of All Time!

 So we just stumbled upon the branding guru Mars Dorian and his corner of...

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Hey mom! We Freaked the News!

  Last Friday greeted us with 100 degree weather,...

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