What's New Since Shark Tank?

A time ago, Zach Crain, CEO of Freaker USA, swam with the sharks on ABC's Shark Tank, a TV show where moguls compete to invest in companies of all shapes and sizes.

Hard to believe it's been almost 6 years of helping people crush bottle sweat since the episode aired.

Now he's here. Let's see what up.

Zach Crain | Freaker USA, CEO


Zach, thanks for sitting down with me today. This is really going to help the blog.

What are you doing?

We just crossed into 2019, how are things? Did you have a good holiday?

Good, good. Um. I'm working...

OK. Right in to it.

How's life since The Shark Tank? What's changed?

Oh boy. A lot's changed. Most of it good.

What was your biggest take-away from Shark Tank?

It's a big ol' world. Plenty of space for everyone.

What's going on right now that has your pants jazzed up?

After Freaker Feet launched and everyone loved it, we ran an online contest to let anyone create a Freaker design.

From that, we got the People's Champion Freaker, Bitch Please, from local artist Emily Martian.

That led to us partnering with Emily for a whole line of stuff for our 2019 season, [coming soon].

We started the Wendy the Wine Lady series.

Not to mention the new...

Zach, I'm going to stop you there, for security reasons.

What? [laughing]

Well, I just want to save the surprise you're talking about until we make it official.


I know you're busy. One more question.

Do you have any advice or wisdom for the people?

Use a bidet.

That's it?


I like it. Thanks for taking the time to chat!

Yeah, yeah. Cool, cool.


If you made it this far...

Thanks for reading. We have a ton of cool stuff lined up for 2019. Hope you get a chance to be a part of it.

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Love ya!