Heatwave solutions

 Once upon a time in a NYC heatwave, there was a girl named Lara Kramer that stumbled upon a couple Freakers...

The fine freak folks of PA

Farm Jamma Lamma brought out the most southern of all the charms! Please, step inside our yellow carriage & let us jam your lam with a twist of mint & hint of freak. Special thanks to all the folks, especially Kevin & Jodie & their children & also their 6 inch creek Oliver tried to bathe in at 3 am. 

FreakerBTruck: A Rare Species of Wonder

We pulled some strings and flew out into the wild to show you a very special glimpse of The Freaker B Truck in it's natural habitat.  In this very special feature we have Zach Crain, expert on freaky Freaker trucks, give you a tour of the anatomy of this beautiful machine.  Let us know if you would like the Freaker zoo to come your way! We're looking for rad boutiques and fun venues to throw grilled cheese parties for! Suggestions? Thoughts? Emotions? Instincts? 

Zach VS Hosegun

Welcome to the Freaker mill,  We hope you find it quite a thrill! I would like to introduce you to good man Brad Land Who will now explain the magic yard marching brand! "Once you crawl from beneath the giant yarn rolls you will get attacked by an air hose and lose your hardhart, and all the while, there will be whistling, you will be confused, your hair will be rearranged and so will your beard. Do not fret! Do not despair! Pick up your hard hat! Place it squarely ...