He Went To Freakers

Life's little moments are special. The twinkling twinkles can be twinkly.  Make sure that this season, you hold these memories close to your heart.  This season, make sure you freak and get freaked. 

~**FrEaK WiSh: PlZ FoRwArD!**~

‎~*~Our Facebook page is nearing the FrIeNd MaXiMuM… IMPENDING DOOM!*~* Like our business page and you can save the Freak! *~*~*~*Make a WiSh*~*~* ******* ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ******************* No, that wish is a physical impossibility. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **************************** Keep scrolling, we're not trolling.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ********************* Okay! Remember your wish? Here's the deal.  Share this video with 1 friend = Little Susie won't spoil your Holiday...

Freak the Halls!

 Our holiday video is here! This makes us all fuzzy on the inside (some of us are even fuzzy on the outside!) and now all we want to do is   curl up next to the fire and have an all inclusive snuggle party! We'll get hot cider and pumpkin treats! Who's in!?

Mary's Dilemma; PJ's Delight

Are you feeling an onset of the holiday blues? Do you have rattling dreams of a giftless existence? Many of us are feeling the pangs of Mary's dilemma and autumn's embracing wings are flapping a little slower this season. Don't fret, America, let us explain how Freakers will solve all of your earthly problems.  Side Effects may include an increased feeling of awesome and a general state of faaaaantastic. 

Trick or Freak!!

We have new freakers! All the rumors are true! And we have been shaking in our boots not only because of all the excitement but also because they are spooky and we have short tiny nerves. So I would like to officially introduce you to the newest members of our family... This here is Devilsock. He wants to eat your skull. (And by your skull, we actually mean your liquids.) But if you cut off his arms and you cut off his legs, he will still love you anyway (double bonus points to anybody tha...

LA Freakers! (A fairy tale)

Today, as we ate cheese sandwiches in a rest-stop in Iowa, a sudden realization hit us square on the face. (It only hurt a little bit, so all of you out there who are frantically worrying for our health, please feel comforted.) The realization was about how much we love rooftops and saucy ladies. Suddenly, these L.A. angels floated down from the heavens directly on to our Iowa picnic table telling tales of scenic rooftops.  And then we all lived happily ever after. In Utah.  ...

How to Build a Freaker USA Grill(ed cheeze!)

Let's play a game! Everytime we make a Will Smith reference, you get to read those words just as he would sing them! FAMILY FUN TIME! Ok, ready? Well this is a story all about how our cheese got freaked & grilled all around. As the Freakerteam ventures into the Wild Wild West (we're going straight! to! the wild wild west!) a sudden thought hit us! What if we're the only ones in the marble-universe that knows how to make a grilled cheese?! We were so tormented by this thought, we whipped ...

Golden Freaks!

A couple months ago, we released a fun-time beach video and if you saw it, the models are probably still frolicking around in your daydreams. If you didn't, here is a present from us to you:  Now that you have his abs forever etched in your conscious memory (forever!), we would like to re-affirm that David Adusei has more to him than just chiseled features & a way with the ladies. His newest album, Golden, was released yesterday and it would be a disservice to freaks wo...

Lord of the Freaks

These are wet times, young freaks. Gandalf, the white colorful wizard has returned (even though some may say he never left) but there is hope yet - The Boy Who Freaked and his small team of galavanting Freakers are growing in strength & knowledge and continuing in their quest to freak the good freak.

Chuck in the Fields!

Chuck in the daytime. Chuck in the summertime. Chuck in the truck. Chuck in the fields. Chuck on chuckin on, chucker.  Bwahahahahhahah

Destiny's Freak

  On a mystic journey, young freaks must find Destiny's...kid. We must go west. Preferably by way of Midnight Train.

Travelogue: Freak America Tour 3 days in!

We have officially launched off from our rocket pad in Wilmington, NC and are on the road again (just like that Willie Nelson song!) We are travelling the country in the cheese-grillin, body-paintin, magic-makin Freaker Boxtruck and have survived our first time zone change!  Let's take a step back and relive the goodbye/mourning process and the freakweek(end) Before we left our homespot, we decided to accomplish what was necessary. Putting on a borrowed moose costume (T...