Where were you the first time you saw that perplexing Brad Pitt commercial? Did it penetrate your life bubble? Did it frolic it's way into your heart? Did it put your emotions in a microwave oven? Yes. I know. We understand you. That's why we're here to guide you. Just like Brad Pitt guided us on our journey. Wait. No. It's not a journey. DAMNIT.

One Holiday To Freak Them All!

In celebration of Cyber Monday, we want to Cyber YOU with our new holiday commercial! Freak everything! Freak everybody! A/S/L? (Also! We are extending our Black Friday specials for today only! For every six Freakers you buy, we're throwing in all three of our holiday styles fo' free! Put on your joy-hats! Freak the halls!)

Saucy Teaser Video!

The holidaze are quickly approaching and the countdown to Black Friday is in the less-than-48-hour mark. What will happen?! Who will be freaked?! How will they be freaked?! One holiday season to freak them all!!  We made this video for you as a sneak preview of our upcoming holiday commercial! Beware: A behind-the-scenes has never been so colorful. In all the right ways.

Windbreakers of Victory!

Who are your friends? We are your friends!

Oliver's New Short Film In It's Entirety!

Our dear Oliver Mellan was Director of the Month (of May!) for IndyMogul! He was commissioned to make a short film in 31 days with weekly tutorials on his unique techniques of chic peeks for freaks! If you haven't seen these, your soul is angry at you.

Oliver: "Awesome Director of May 2014."

  Oliver has been working on a short film that he's doing for Indy Mogul and every week he gives a video update with tips and tricks about the process of filmmaking! This week, he explains the joys of collecting trash.

Sirens in Space!

 Oliver-Mellan, is currently doing a project for Indy Mogul which is a tv-for-the-internet-tutorial-of-video-swank. What this means: Oliver is working on a sci-fi short film about an exiled siren (IN SPACE!)

The Ever Elegant Ellen

Last night a good friend tried to show us his newest film. Unfortunately for him, we realized that we didn't own a television and all of our computers were in the office because our house doesn't have internet. That is how technologically deficient we are in our free time. And it's quite sad.  BUT THEN! We cheered ourselves up with a televisionary remembrance of days past when we were on the Ellen show. And then watched it on a television.  You can do that too! We can be tec...

Wurk Revisited!

The other day a very special lady was helping us hand-screenprint all of our holiday packaging and she said something prolific: "You should make a video to show the world how hard you work! It looks like all fun and games but you guys work all day and work all night!"  Little did she know that we actually did make a video about our work work work scenarios! So this one is for all the little ladies out there who think we do handstands at the office.  (Editors note: We do hand...


Today, we're feeling a little grumbly. It's probably because we have eaten ZERO tacos today (this is about to change immediately.)  But even though our grumbles tried to bring us down, we re-found this little gem that cheered us right back up.  So in case you're feeling empty from the lack of Tuesday Tacos.. We hope from the bottom of our beating hearts that this de-grumblifies you. 

Hydrant Revisited

Today, at least one of us took a shower. A real shower. The kind of shower that you find in bathrooms worldwide. With a faucet and heat options. During this shower, we became a little nostalgic about times and places where shower security was limited. Not all boxtruck-turned-houses have functioning showers and when you live in a boxtruck-turned-house, one has to utilize the creative juices to wash off all other worldly juices. A fine example would be the fire hydrants in Brooklyn.  So...

House of Creatives: DriveBys and HotTubs

So remember that time where we posted photographs and photographs and more photographs (and that sweet video!)  from a certain house in the backwoods of Pennsylvania? Yes! The House of Creatives!  For those of you who are in the throes of confusion, The House of Creatives is a collaborative work/play space that is the future of reality tv with substance. Starring Seasick Mama, the house is a love child of creative design, independent film, music to live by, and everything else un...