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Public Service Announcement

Party every party like it's a holiday party. This has been a public...

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Melissa McCarthy!

Melissa McCarthy freaked like a pro today!  The charm-monster superstar...

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2 Freaked 2 Furious

The perks of manufacturing in North Carolina are unbelievable.  Read More

Fulfilling Prophesies / City of Diesels

We recently confessed that Vin Diesel in 2001 is the most profound philosopher of a...

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Vine Time

In 2001, Vin...

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Vin Diesel: Ghost of Christmas 4EVA!

  Charles Dickens, although generally...

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Because... For Freedom!

The office is currently embroiled in a bitter debate about the renaming of what is...

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GasStation Mishaps

Zach and Oliver have launched themselves into space (Pennsylvania) to build rockets (a trade show...

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Twitter Action World-Saving Deals

In celebration of the upcoming shopping madness week, we're going to start flamethrowing special CIA...

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