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Man in a Lag. Dog in a Bag.

Home sweet home. You can tell that...

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Welcome Home

New York City, you're really lovely and all, but I think we should break up....

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Adventures in the Unknown

Once upon a time, Benson, North Carolina existed. With a population of 3,000 lovely citizens,...

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Hey there boys & girls. Follow us on instagram & let's get weird.... together..... forever.  Read More

Makin' Friends.

I just want to make it known to the world that today I am feeling...

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Growing Up

 Justin's birthday was last night.  Lauren turned into a pumpkin & the...

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Our Failed Attempt to Cultivate Street-Cred in Hotlanta.

So once upon a time (yesterday.) three of the freak warriors ventured into the fiery...

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Reign of Multi-legged Terror

Readers beware, if you have a squirmish  This really happened (yesterday.) To real people (us.)  Read More

Because... For Freedom!

The office is currently embroiled in a bitter debate about the renaming of what is...

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Steamy Journeys Down Under

Last week, ze Team de Freak decided that North Carolina's scorching fire-air just wasn't hot...

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Snapturtle Sunday Shots

Sunday was our one-year birthday party, the results of which slightly crippled us for the...

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ShakeQuake Mannequin Rumble!

 This Sunday, Freaker USA + Cucalorus are throwing you a bash in celebration of Read More

Freaker Fashion Tutorials!

Today as Alisha was slaving away at accounting, an article so aptly entitled "5 Things...

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Tokyo Drifting

Tom Waits, once said "I got the sheets but not the bed, I got the jam...

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Kickstarter Conception Celebrations!

This report is a little late, but it's taken us a couple extra days to...

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April Feulz

It took us a whole 24 hours to realize that not everybody somehow "became" pregnant...

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Dark Ages

Our internet wasn't working until 12:39 today. Read More

Lofty Birthday Wishes

A couple weeks ago, our very own Oliver had a birthday extravaganza. We realized...

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A sneak peek at our latest videojam

Obama? Obama is that you?!   Meanwhile, who can spot...

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Adventures in the Goodwill

One of the reasons why we love Goodwill so dang much:  1....

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IT'S OFFICIAL! We're patented adults!

We got our very official US Patent in the mail today! Read More


Our office toilet has been broken for two days now and our plumber has, for...

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Airport Security

Last time we "experienced" an airport, a TSA agent sternly ordered Zach to "Shut your...

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Zoo Animals

This morning we woke up to the published article on Zach in The Music...

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Now, The World Is Probably Ceasing To Spin

"Let's not let Snooki's pregnancy overpower the fact that Justin Bieber turned 18 today." Read More

Star-Gazers & Visionaries

We don't know this man, but if you do - please deliver him infinite high-fives.  Read More

Re-purposing Urban Outfitter's Chinese Made Knockoffs! For nature!

Some of you may remember the "incident" with Urban Outfitters. ...

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Oliver's Berfday; Parental Discretion Advised.

Once upon a time, Oliver Mellan was born. (Born from a woman, just to clarify) Last week,...

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Ok. This is one of the last ones.

But we're still jammin on these.   Read More

Sexy Sax Payback


Surprise Parties of the Unprofessional Variety!

We're real happy with what we find everytime we...

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New York!!!! Come Play With Us!!!

 New York, we're back!  The Freakerteam is currently setting up for New York International Gift...

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Winter Wonderland in Secret Barns & Freaker Baths

Winter finally showed its shining face for a brief second a couple days ago. While...

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Innocent bystanders

Overflowing with ze freak!!!!   #FreakingTheWorld2012 ...

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Freaker Use #82751

Yesterday, we got the honor and the pleasure of frollicing in the fields of Read More


We're freaking out over here. ...

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Atlanta freakdom

For the past week, we've been freaking Atlanta at a trade show. These things are...

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Silly kid, Trix are for Freaks!

We've been playing a sick joke.  In recent days, Leigh has been dressing up like...

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Universal Resource Locators... In Real Life!  The internet is a no-man's land? Hardly. There are...

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Zach Actually Got a Haircut.

The other day when we revealed the big-secret shocker-moment season-finale that Zach got a Haircut,...

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Cupcake Communion!

Yesterday one of the lady members of the Freakerteam had a surprise birthday party!...

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Adventures at the Edge!

Yesterday, our favorite sparkle kittens at Edge of Urge needed a Freaker re-order. Seeing...

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A Grand Return & Bodily Experiments!

Oliver came back to Wilmington today!!  We knew when we smelled a Sneaky Hat (not...

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Teusdousand & Twelve

It's the first Tuesday of the year! CELEBRATIONS ABOUND! In the only...

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A freaky look at a freaky year

It's the second day of the last year of all the years according to that...

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Graduation to Professionalism

Back in November, we gave a little chitchat at UNCW for the Wells Fargo Entrepreneurial Speaker...

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Right back atcha, work!

Today is a joyous day across the nation! Celebrations and festivities are erupting from sea...

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Merry Freakin Christmas: A Bedtime Story

This is a Christmas story. It's about the search for knit truth in a dark...

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Smistmas Smarties!

We heard somewhere that real offices take all of their employees out and feed them...

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Our other third, Zach and Oliver, left us alone in the office (huge mistake)...

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