This is Franz Josef Glacier. It specializes in glacier stuff and Freakers. We're in the process of updating our store locator. One of the international shops gave us an especially hard time with a correct address because the "city" is listed AS AN EFFIN' GLACIER. In New Zealand. A glacier in New Zealand. A KIWI GLACIER, PEOPLE! There is a GLACIER that has nothing at all BUT ICE BECAUSE IT'S A GLACIER, and people come and HANG OUT ON A GLACIER... and the gift shop sells Freakers. My work he...

Tilly's Got Freaked This Week

Who got freaked this week?  Tilly's got freaked this week! Tilly's got super freaked this week.  Stop by any one of their 200-something locations to freak your fa-la-la-la-la this season! 

Freakers in Whole Foods!

Don't be disillusioned into thinking that we here at Freaker USA live in a fantasy land of roses and kittens. Like any family, members of the Freakerteam have their internal disagreements.  Wolverine vs. Batman. Football vs Futbal. Pants vs. No Pants. You know. There is one thing we can agree on. One unifying factor to heal all wounds. Unanimously, without fail, we all like to eat food. At least one whole food. Sometimes all of the Whole Foods. . For this reason, we are extra e...

Blame. (It's on you.)

Give yourself a pat on the back, internet. You did this. We wouldn't have made the brand new Babewatch without the frenzy of your turf wars. Remember this? Back in December, we found an old prototype of a design that was never run. Just for the funsies and without realizing the stark consequences, we threw a photo of our design sample into cyberspace.Instagram got feisty. Facebook became demanding. We had no choice but to listen to those living in the Matrix.

Party Cat!

I have three things to bring to your attention:  1. In case you were unaware, a 3D rendition of Jurassic Park is hitting theaters nationwide in April. 2. Christmas wreaths make dashingly chic scarfs for plus-size reptiles. 3. There is a tiger striped Freaker design named Party Cat that is exclusive at The Villager in Auburn, Alabama, or on their website! And it is fierce. That is all. We love you.

2Kewl 4Skewl

... Psyche! Nothing is too cool for school because school ranks #1 on the Cool List. But guess what? School just got even cooler (now ranking at #2Infinity&Beyond on the Cool List!) due to the fact that 102 universities across the nation just got Freaked! Did your mecca-of-awesome take the plunge?! Here's the full list of collegiate bookstores that are now official vendors of the freak!

Neighborhood NareDoWells

All of the rumors are true. BustedTees got freaked!! Instead of rambling on about the obvious excitement that Freaking-The-World induces, let's ramble on about something more subtle and thus EXHILARATING.  We are so so so honored to be neighbors with one of our favorite product-puns of all time... This Is Spinal Tape.

Bogatte Bomboclat!

  SURPRISE, MY FRIEND! YOU'VE STUMBLED UPON BOGATTE! Make yourself at home, take off your shoes, get comfy.. these women have joy-supplies for days.

Dispatch from Slovenia: Rockstar Edition

This morning we woke up to the most beautiful message in cyber-space coming from a land far far away. The Slovenians have struck yet again with their mighty sword of excellence.

Overwhelming Thursdays!

  This morning we updated our "store-locator" page to include the Canadian stores that carry Freakers!  Holy smokes! Seeing a graphic representation of our North American Freakfriends is SURREAL! 

FreakFingers Across The Universe!

March 23rd, 2012 (that's today!!) is a very special day in our universal mission to Freak the World!  First off, we are packaging a whooooole boatload of Freakers and shipping them off to Japan! We are working like busy little worker bees to the endless soundtrack of classic cultural gems (?!) like Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto!  Now you have a fanTASTIC excuse to fly yourself to Japan and stop in a Beams to get all kinds of Freaky!  So very official! ...

Austin! Leighelena Is Your New Freak Headquarters!

Once upon a time in a land exactly 1,364 miles away, we deemed Austin an official City de Freak. We laughed, we cried, we wallowed in the weird and then we were tragically forced to keep on keepin on.  But before we left the glory city, we discovered a haven of rusted brilliance in Leighelena on South Congress. What was soon to become our favorite Austin boutique, we originally were lured into the store by a pretty girl in a big hat (obviously.) But wait! What is this? Is that a ...