Road Warriors -

Our fearless road warriors have finally returned after a week of ... road war? The beloved BabyBTruck has been in a Las Vegas storage unit since January because we scheduled ourselves for exactly 4 gazillion trade shows in the desert this year. Last week, it was confirmed: it was finally time to bring her home.  After a week of the open road, close encounters with a tribe of bobcats, and a handful of trucks health-scares, she's home! Now that it's confirmed that everybody survived, let's al...

Our Failed Attempt to Cultivate Street-Cred in Hotlanta.

So once upon a time (yesterday.) three of the freak warriors ventured into the fiery depths of a magical land called Atlanta.  Sidenote: Yes, this is our 2nd time to Atlanta this month. We're trying to get enough local street credit that when a middle-aged predator at a dive bar asks us "You come here often?," we can rightfully say "Why yes. Yes we do come here often."

Steamy Journeys Down Under

< Upon the realization that "The Silver Slipper" was not in fact a strip club, the Freakerteam suddenly awoke from Pedro's sultry (HOT.) hypnosis & raised their fists of justice.

New Artifacts from HOC!

  Well, well, well. The fine folks at the House of Creatives have decided to break our hearts yet again by releasing new photographic evidence of how amazing time spent with them can be. These particular shots were from a Freaker collaboration with Super Sunglasses at the House in rural Pennsylvania circa October, 2011!  All photos by the warrior of magnificence, Eric T. White

Dispatch from Bean Town

  Even though he was a bit raggedy, the girls could tell that this guy had a decent heart and wasn't going to mouth-foam (verb; to foam at the mouth) if he got confused or egocentric.

GasStation Mishaps

Zach and Oliver have launched themselves into space (Pennsylvania) to build rockets (a trade show booth) because they are manly manly men that build things. Do you know what else manly men do? They go to gas stations and hang out with all the other manly men. There is a clause up for debate in the US Senate right now to change the name "gas stations" to "manly men hang outs" nationwide.  And even though manly men usually have diesel (like Vin!!) trucks, sometimes the gas stati...

Homebound Huniez!

Yesterday we drove our FreakerMobile into the depths of the one place we haven't seen in quite a while: home!  We wore suits and ties and unsuccessfully tried to trick everyone into thinking that the road had changed our business methods. PSSSSFH!  Coincidentally (OR IS IT?!) we came right in time for Peking Night! Oh! The glory of Wednesday evenings!  And we were greeted by the most beautiful beauties of beaut! Best WelcomeHome surprise ever ever!   L...

Urban Myths

We found Zach's sister in a dive bar in Richmond, Virginia! And we would like to make it known that contrary to popular belief, she does not have a beard.   Maybe a metaphorical beard. A spirit beard, if you will.  But she has nails that shine. Like JUSTICE. 

Mystery Christmas: DC Installment.

Christmas? We'll tell you when you're older.   

Jollification on Capital Hill!

Today we had an escapade around the streets of our nation's capital. We dressed in disguise so that nobody would recognize a freak. It went over smashingly, darling, just smashingly.    This is actually what we look like on a day-to-day basis. We just dress up like weirdos for photos on the internet. Of course.  Oh buddy! I've seen this in so many Will Smith movies! But it's real! And it's not being invaded by any aliens (debatable if you ask a lizard-conspiracist)...

Zach Cruise

Starring in Frisky Business.   

Halloween Homecoming!

Wilmington! Get ready. We're comin' home. And we're going to throw you a bash. YUH-OH!  This Saturday at Satellite come out and we'll feed you, freak you and fiesta until the sun comes up (this is a lie. We will only fiesta until Satellite kicks us out at 1:59 am.) Specialties include!: -The Freaker B-Truck in Full Force!  -Photobooths You Wouldn't Believe!  -Costume Party & Freaker Prizes!  -Grilled Cheese Extravaganza!  - Justin Lacey & The Swimmin...