Freaker Yardsale!

Wilmington - we’re having a blowout yardsale of discontinued Freakers, Freaker Feet, growlers, odds & also ends. Yes, there will be a $1 bin. This Saturday. 8am-2pm. Our office. 1121 S. Front St (near Satellite!) We want you to laser blast through our inventory space jam. Take out our Weapons of Mass Freakdom. Be the typhoon to our straw beachhouse of extra supply. Extinguish the fire of our Freaker stockpile. Wax the extra Freaker hairs off of our warehouse legs. Liquidate our solids....

Vinyl Tap!

  Our first custom Freaker Feet from the Kickstarter campaign have come in and it would be physically/emotionally/spiritually impossible to be more excited about how they turned out.  Vinyl Tap Freaker Feet - get yours exclusively at our hometown hero record store, Gravity Records! 

Willard Green Community Yardsale!

Dear Wilmington,  Tomorrow is the first annual Willard Green Popup Market! "Sounds artsy, but what does it MEAN?" -you "The best of Wilmington's local businesses, makers, doers, livers, lovers & radass badasses are coming together for a community yardsale block party at Satellite!" -us Food trucks, boxtrucks, live bluegrass, good friends, old and new! Saturday-summer-living GO! 9am-3pm, see ya there!

Swimmy Feet!

Wilmington! We're ecstatic to announce that tonight, for the first time ever, Freaker Feet will be live in person at Wilmington Fashion Week's swimshow!  The loveliest ladies over at Wondershop have a bombshell swim collection that they will be pairing with our first samples of Freaker Feet! All proceeds of Freaker sales will be going to charity. Come getchu some WOO!

Melissa McCarthy!

Melissa McCarthy freaked like a pro today!  The charm-monster superstar chats about Wilmington, Freakers, and how perfect everything is.  Interview and freaked via Michelle Li! Thanks for the lovings, ladies. Know that it's all very reciprocated! See the full interview here: 

We get it now!

The USA is notorious for many things, including an intense love for hotdogs, the Fast & Furious film series, and our uncanny talent of "not giving a shit about the World Cup."  It's an insane skill, and a rare one.  For a brief moment earlier this week we failed at this thing we're suppose to be so good at. We failed by winning. Do you know how good it feels to win? It feels this good:    We won we won we won! More importantly... we cared! Keep it up, boys!   (Video stolen from th...

Belle of the Baller!

If you live in Southeastern North Carolina, you know what type of fragrant mess Wilmington just hosted. Everyone else, listen up: We have azaleas. It's a flower. We have tons and tons of azaleas. We have so many azaleas that in 1948 we decided to have an azalea celebration. It's called the Azalea Festival. Unsurprisingly, it's a festival. Of azaleas. And teenage girls dressed up all-fancy-like. And funnel cakes. And alligator meat on a stick. And garden parties. With azaleas. Tons of azaleas. 

Careful What You Wish For

We encourage customers to leave "special instructions" with their retail orders.  Not only does it add humor to the morning,  but it gives us a chance to make you feel like the beautiful and unique snowflake your mom always promised you were.  Last week we received this "special instruction" from a mysterious consumer:  "Please draw a penis of some sort with a mustache on the letter.   I would also like an autographed picture of the stachemaster Adam Keen taking a shot of pertplus from a gla...

The Spatula of Destiny

Cramworks. Cramworks, man.  So there's this guy who makes our displays. His name is Carson. Carson Cram. He operates through his company Cramworks and primarily makes theatrical sets. Cramworks is a local gig. Cramworks doesn't have a website. Cramworks is just a guy, like anyone else. Cramworks just demolished any sense of achievement that we once had. 

New Freaker Alert: Dixie Grill!

George Michael Bluth once said that breakfast is the most important thing that you eat. We took this wisdom to heart and partnered up with a hometown favorite for the newest design in our internet-only Lulz Line! Give a warm welcome to the newest addition to the Freaker Family - Dixie Grill!! This little booger is available online or if you find yourself in the area, go grab one at the namesake itself - The Dixie Grill at 116 Market St, Wilmington, NC! OM NOM NOM NOM!

Truck-a-Roo 2013!!!

In lieu of last night's announcement that the community icon Soapbox Laundro-Lounge will be closing in approximately a month, there has been a cloud of sadness over Wilmington. Moreover, it has been a reminder to support the local businesses that infuse communities with life!!! Vibrant vibrant life!! So we are here now to deliver good news! Good times and happy memories! Tomorrow, from 4-8, let's see your butts (figuratively or realistically, either/or!) in downtown Wilmington for Truc...

Suds & Buds: Remembering The Soapbox

If there is an establishment in your community that has inspired you, let them know. Support them, love them, appreciate them. Today our community mourns the loss of The Soapbox Laundro Lounge, which will be closing their doors on July 28th. This establishment transcended what it meant to be a business. Heartfelt and filled with love, we want to thank you for everything you've done for not only our project, but for the community at large. You made an impact. Godspeed, ...