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RIP, Intern Matthew.

This week, a tragedy occurred at Freaker World Headquarters, USA.  We lost our intern, Matthew. Through the...

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Oliver: "Awesome Director of May 2014."

Oliver has been working on a short film that he's doing for Indy Mogul and...

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Dear world,  Can we be pin friends? We promise to keep a smirk on...

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Final destination XLII

Every now and then we enjoy taking field-trips to Google Analytics. This time around we...

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Subliminal Note Passings!

Edge of Urge just made a very special specialty tab for Freakers! How...

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Freakers on Fab! 50% Off Hyper-Extravaganza!!!

Holy smoly!! First-generation Freakers never to be run again! Lusting over that peace sign Freaker your...

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Mailing Lists of FreakDoom

We would like to make a public announcement and also a "most-wanted" list. Read More

Help us fulfill our wildest dreams!!

There comes a time in every freaks life where they have a dream. Some may...

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House of Creatives: DriveBys and HotTubs

So remember that time where we posted photographs and photographs and more Read More

~**FrEaK WiSh: PlZ FoRwArD!**~

‎~*~Our Facebook page is nearing the FrIeNd MaXiMuM… IMPENDING DOOM!*~* Like our...

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Black Freakday SpecialTEES!

 In celebration of the Beat-Everyone-Up-At-Walmart national holiday of Black Friday, we have created some super...

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Twitter Action World-Saving Deals

In celebration of the upcoming shopping madness week, we're going to start flamethrowing special CIA...

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A couple months ago, we met a wonderful Israeli man named Ido in San...

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Koozie Smoozie Boozie Madness!

Koozie Koozie Koozie Koozie Koozie Koozie Koozie Koozie Koozie Koozie Koozie Koozie Koozie Koozie Koozie Koozie Koozie Koozie.  Why, you...

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Freak Durst

This morning started slowly. There was a drizzle in the sky. There was an quiet...

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World Wide Freak Web 3.0

So remember that day that you posted your immaculate photos of Freakers on Facebook? We...

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TSA just doesn't understand. Yet.

The horrifying news came today. The TSA agent who encouraged the Getting-On of The-Freak...

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Freak of the Week 14.0!!

It's that spooky day once again! Time for a new Freak of the Week contest!...

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Billboard of Freaks!

Bill Mooney from Kung Fu Nation brought a nice little tidbit to our morning...

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Mary's Dilemma; PJ's Delight

Are you feeling an onset of the holiday blues? Do you have rattling dreams of...

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Today we found a delicious little nugget! Front page of Palmer Cash?! Let's Read More